Gaynelle Whittle-Shipp is the founder of Whispered Love, Inc., a ministry devoted to sharing God's word for life-changing impact. An inspirational speaker and small group leader for over seventeen years, Gaynelle seeks to encourage others to develop an intimate relationship with God that is expressed through love. She enjoys family life, spending time with her two daughters, son-in-law, extended family and local church.

Gaynelle is also the Author of a new book The Spoken Word: A Proven Power for Life in You. In this must read book, Gaynelle guides you to understand the power of your spoken words for changing your life and changing your world. It includes a seven-session, thought provoking,  guide with questions and prayers. This is a great life-changing study for adults of all ages!


​​devoted to sharing God's word

for life changing impact



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​A Proven Power for Life in You


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